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Chocolate coated caramel squares

Come in either milk or dark chocolate.
12 pieces for $9.00

Packaging: boxed with ribbons


Peanut Butter Dreams
Chocolate coated peanut butter cups

Milk chocolate only

6 pieces for $5.00
12 pieces for $9.00

Packaging: clear bags

PB Dreams


Long Stem Roses for your Sweetheart

Come in either white chocolate colored white, red and pink,
milk chocolate colored red or dark chocolate colored pink.

12/box = $10.00


Nursery Squares

milk, white or dark chocolate

$4/box of 12

pink and blue also available (both white chocolate flavored)


Nursery Squares1 Nursery Squares2

Solid Trees

Ideal for place settings or decorating the table.

Choose green trees, which are white chocolate flavored, or
brown trees, which are milk or dark chocolate flavored.

$10/box of 12


Other Solid Options

24 or 48 chocolate solids

Milk, dark or white chocolate (or a mix of these if one type is not chosen)

You can even choose your color of chocolate!  (All colored chocolates are white chocolate flavored.)  Or, let us choose the colors for you! We'll choose colors based on the theme or holiday.

Choose a theme, such as sports, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, birthday, anniversary, wedding shower, baby shower, etc. and we will customize it for you or you can customize your own!
(For example: If you would like a Christmas theme, you will receive
an assortment of Christmas solids in different sizes and shapes.
  Or, if you prefer, you can have you can have a box containing only
one shape, such as wreaths, trees, bells or gifts.)

If you don't see what you need, email us at sales@ldschocolates.com.
We'll do our best to accommodate you!

Small: 24 solids  $4.50       Large:  48 solids  $9.00

Packaging: decorative box

Fall Leaves Assortment


Baby Shower Assortment

Mini solids - Hanukkah assortment
mini solids


snowman      red valentines

Military medallions

(Perfect for sending to the troops!)

Milk, dark or white chocolate.  $2.00 each

Packaging: individually foil wrapped

We are always adding new molds. 
If you have a request please email us at sales@ldschocolates.com!
We'll do our best to accommodate you!  

Solids Bars

Choose milk, white or dark chocolateIndividually wrapped in clear bag.

Seasons Greetings: $4.00 each  (6" long x 4" wide)

New Years: $1.25 each  (4" long x 2 1/4" wide)

New Years

Additional Solids Bars

Congratulations, Together Forever, Thank you for Sharing Our Day, Nurse or Doctor

 $1.25 each  Choose milk, white or dark chocolate. Individually wrapped in clear bag.





















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